An initiative has evolved in the UK with the objective of bringing together CAA Airfield Licensees and owner/operators of unlicensed airfields. A significant tranche of UK airfields operate in isolation without the benefit of direct contact or any meaningful conduit for sharing experiences. In the past, some policies have changed without reference to those who actually have the day to day operational responsibilities, a situation we wish to eradicate. Whilst there may be other organisations and associations to whom reference has historically been made, the main core of airfield operators have not professionally been approached, as a body, for their views.

Our objectives will broadly include:

  • An immediate and effective solution to what has been so far an unsatisfactory scenario.
  • Sharing the broad spectrum of airfield operating experiences and knowledge stimulating learning and change.
  • Direct two-way communications, as a body, with the CAA.
  • Offering, where necessary, a unified voice of experience to the CAA regarding airfield operational and safety matters.
  • Strength of the Airfield Operators Group will come directly from its membership experience. There is no fee involved and all who engage will do so without remuneration. Apart from meetings, to which all members will be welcome, the vast majority of communications will be via email and via the forum. On joining you will be able to sign into the database obtaining information and be able to put forward your views for others to share and to comment on. We are acutely aware that many owners and operators do not have the time for any unnecessary or complicated initiatives, our aim is for simplicity and direct action where necessary.
  • To ease the distance travelled for any meetings it has been decided to use the UK CAA VFR charts as a geographical reference. The AOG membership is currently based around the south as it originated with the input from Whit Waltham. We invite all those geographically placed on the northern chart to get in contact in order to set your area up although you are of course welcome to join.

Applicants looking to join the group should be owners or operators of airfields with 2000+ movements per year.

In the first instance email

You should include:
Aerodrome name
Your position within the aerodrome
Full contact details and address
Whether you are a licenced aerodrome or not
How many aircraft movements per annum you have
How many club members the aerodrome currently has

In joining you must acknowledge that all further communications will be shared with everyone internally and externally associated with the Airfield Operators Group.